Domain recovery


Domains registered by third-parties are a sensitive issue. There are legal but also a number of other measures for reclaiming them. This is why INDECA offers you a variety of procurement approaches enabling you to directly and easily reclaim those domains that are relevant to your enterprise. To ensure you are always on the safe side.

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The brand Audi is currently being registered, alongside Volkswagen AG, in all countries where this is currently possible.


As is the case with Volkswagen AG, the Ingolstadt based group is constantly in danger of having its brands "grabbed" because these are recognised worldwide. To date we completed almost 200 transfers! In other words, 200 successful transfers back to the AUDI AG portfolio. However, this is also an indication of the very good cooperation between the departments of AUDI AG and INDECA GmbH.

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Taking production and sales markets into consideration, the company had to be present in the respective countries with the respective country suffixes and had to protect against third-party acquisition, which could also include competitor products.

Case Study

The terms and the countries that had to be registered were determined using a domain name search. This had two main advantages:
  • A clear distinction between where to register and where not to register.
  • The determination of third-party registrations was combined at the same time with the re-acquisition of the respective domain.
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To widely support the Italian brand and patent department on issues relating to digital brand defensive.

Case Study

Automobili Lamborghini SpA receives massive support within the Volkswagen Group in the area of domain retrieval. This luxury brand in particular has to frequently defend itself against domain grabbing – sometimes from fans of the brand who do not mean any harm, but sometimes also from individuals who are hoping to cash in by selling the domain. The full range of services offered by INDECA is effective here. From research to partly concealed contact with the owners of these domains and transfer of these domains, the entire process is carried out with the support of brand and corporate legal departments.

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Repatriation of domains owned by third parties or by foreign subsidiaries into a consolidated portal.

Case Study

Since foreign domains of Layher were generally registered by subsidiaries or other contract partners in the past, one of the first tasks of INDECA was to contact these companies and get them to transfer the domains to the central holding company. INDECA GmbH successfully completed this - often lengthy - process through negotiations and some restrictive transfers. All currently registered brand domains for Layher are managed and controlled centrally. Local domicile restrictions are solved by means of an INDECA trustee service.

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